Weight of Your Mask

Weight of Your Mask

During deep worship at church one evening, I had a vision. This has been happening more and more often over the last few months. In the vision, I was wearing a mask, something similar to the one in “Phantom of the Opera” and it was covering scars, like from a fire. I tried to push the thought away to focus on pressing into the Lord, but this vision kept coming. I thought it was a distraction from the enemy of our soul, who would do anything to keep us from worshipping our Creator.

I then sensed it was from the Holy Spirit and submitted to Him. When I asked if He was trying to reveal something to me, the Lord spoke to my spirit telling me,

“We [His Children] have outward sin and inward sin and all wear a mask to hide the shame.”

He then exclaimed, “Take off your mask! Take off your mask! Worship Me without shame — Worship Me freely — Fully abandoned to Me.”

I started to journal this encounter and message. (Yes, I ALWAYS bring a notebook to church and frequently journal visions, messages, thoughts when prompted by the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to do the same!)

As I journaled, I received more…

As I looked around the room, everyone was wearing a mask! They were ornately decorated, like we decided that if we were going to wear them, than we might as well make them pretty to contrast what was concealed underneath! And we didn’t feel odd wearing these heavy disguises, but were actually quite comfortable with our masks than without them.

As I continued to journal and see more of the vision, I saw myself taking off the mask, revealing the scars of pain and hurts. I began smiling as I worshipped the Lord more freely without the weight of the mask. I was totally abandoned to the love of the Father! I didn’t concern myself with what others may see or of possible judgment by those around me, because they were all focused on themselves. (Isn’t that usually the case for the majority of people?? And yet, we get so caught up worrying what others may think.)

I then saw my tears of joy in the Lord, wash over my face and smooth out the evidence of past scars, until my face was smooth and like new. Others had the same experience around me. They too removed their masks to freely worship the Lord in full abandonment and they too were healed! Sadly, the rest tried to worship beneath the weight of their mask which only wore them down. Their minds were distracted, focusing on adjusting their masks instead. Although I was sad for them, I remained focused on the One who deserved my full attention and praise!

But know this, God isn’t done chasing them…or you! He continually gives us opportunities to surrender our mask…to be totally healed and made whole. God brings us tools through our church, through worship, inner healing classes, fellowship with other believers, and Bible study. He’ll never stop pursuing us. Even after He’s won our heart and we accept Him as our Saviour, God still pursues each one of us to lay down our masks and “enter into His Presence” to be healed and made whole.

I don’t know what your mask may be concealing, but I know it weighs you down making it impossible to worship the Lord freely. Take the time to get alone with the Lover of your soul; get some great praise music on, take off your mask, and soak in His presence. You’ll be amazed at your transformation!

P.s. If faint lines still appear, don’t be discouraged! They serve to remind us of our victories through Christ alone and provide wonderful opportunities to witness to others.


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Hi! I’m Charlotte. Devoted follower of Christ. Wife. Mother. Friend. Homeschooler. Ministry leader. Good Steward. High Calling.

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