Be Still Moments

November 2018

Anomalies and Provision


Ever read or listen to a Bible passage that you're so familiar with, that you miss some very relevant details? I wish I could say that I always read or listen to the Bible with expectancy and focus each and every time, but I don't. [...]

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October 2018

July 2018

Hidden and Unseen


Have you ever felt like the person on the outside looking in? Third wheel in the group? Or not even in the group at all? Have you been fully present and active in a group of people, yet felt hidden and unseen? It's not an [...]

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March 2018

Leaving the Silent Season


For several weeks leading up to the Sisterhood Flourish Conference at my church, I was bombarded by memories of hurtful events from years ago. I would pray, cry out to Abba Father, and remind the enemy I had already forgiven and I was over it...I [...]

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December 2017

Don’t Be the Delay


I have a very dear friend who has a very similar walk with Christ as I do. I had the pleasure of spending several, long overdue hours with her a few months ago. As we speedily shared our journeys to catch up with each other, [...]

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October 2017

Dressed for Success


There’s a principle that my Dad taught me several years ago about how you dress. I was probably eight or nine and as a homeschooler I loved the fact that I could do my work in my pajamas. So I didn’t understand the big deal [...]

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July 2017

Breaking Through And Pursuing Abba


I am in awe of the responses to my last blog posted on June 29th, on Brokenness! I discovered that so many of us have been on similar journeys, waiting expectantly for God's promises to finally break through, contending for our faith, standing strong even [...]

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June 2017

March 2017

When I Quit God


Just typing these words, “When I Quit God”, brings me to tears. That’s why I know this is the correct title for this blog. You see, I’ve been trying to write this blog for a few months now. And over the months, it took on [...]

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January 2017