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Inspiring the Called

We believe the Lord is calling Reigning Son Ministries to reach out to those who are lost spiritually and help them understand that God has a calling on their life. To save those who are unsaved, and for those who are saved, to make sure they understand that although there is much we can do in ministry, in church, and in love — there is a specific plan that God has for them. It is that plan that they must uncover and pursue. And Reigning Son Ministries is here to help!

We believe this is especially important now, in the times we are in, where the economy is hurting and there are many people in life unsure of their future and very confused about what they are doing and why. We have a desire to reach out to the youth, who are at a point where they are about to choose their career path, as well as reach out to people in mid to later life, who are lost and confused and wonder how they got where they are. Our goal is to help them understand that there is a specific purpose in their life and then help them discern what that is, as we come alongside them to encourage, motivate, and educate them in their pursuit of their God-given calling.

Curtis & Charlotte Lawrence